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The most advanced herbal practitioners have a keen sense of herb-herb interactions and how one plant will either enhance a desirable property of another, or lessen an undesirable one. A single herb is like a single note. A formula is like a large chord with anywhere from 3 to 15 or more notes. If every note in a chord is played correctly, there is perfect harmony. If even one note is off, there will be dissonance.
While ancient herbalists used their skills of observation and deduction to the best of their ability to maximize herbal synergy in their formulas, they were unable to peer into the invisible molecular realm, and thus lacked an objective way of measuring the exact contents of their herbs. With the advent of modern instrumentation, nutraceutical companies like Solaris Plant Science can easily analyze the phytonutrient content of each extract.
Solaris Plant Science has developed a proprietary technique to scientifically assess the ability of herbal extracts to maximally enhance once other. The ancient wisdom of synergistic herbal formulation has met the modern method of analytical chemistry.

Catalyst Plant Biotic

Catalyst Plant Biotic - Solaris Plant Science - Optimzed Herbal Synergy
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  •    Helps maintain balanced gut flora, the foundation of digestive  health
  •     Multiple ways to dose, for both short and long-term  assistance
  •    Makes a great addition to any cleanse, helping enhance detoxification pathways
  •    Formulated using Solaris Plant Science’s proprietary extraction and formulation system
  •    Entirely plant-based: NO artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind

Catalyst Plant Biotic was formulated as a clinical grade immune and detox  support system with multiple mechanisms of action.  The body faces a  variety of insults on a daily basis.  Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and various man-made chemical disruptors populate the  modern world.  

When  the immune system is operating at full capacity, it handles these  challenges with ease, however sometimes targeted nutritional support is  needed.  Comprised of immune enhancing herbs like Elderberry, Myrrh, and Thyme, Plant Biotic is an essential part of  any wellness kit.  Dosing can be tailored to individual requirements,  providing a rapid-acting, intensive boost, or more gradual immune  support.  Plant Biotic’s top-tier antioxidant potential confers additional cellular protection.  

Utilizing  the advanced proprietary extraction and formulation technique to yield a  superior product that’s free of fillers and preservatives of any kind,  Solaris Plant Science maintains its position at the cutting edge of nutraceutical science. 

Ingredients: Plant Esters, Clove Oil, Rosemary Oil, Eugenol, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Black Elderberry, Myrrh Resin, Licorice Root

Dosing Maintenance Dose: 5 drops 2x/day

Active Support Dose: 10-15 drops 2x/day

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